8 real world gadgets perfect for modern espionage thrillers

Technology is developing at an ever expanding rate, and have as much implications on fictional worlds as in real life. Here are eight new real world gadgets that you might see in thriller novels of the future, some of which appear in my novel when it is released later this year. 1. Gunshot wound syringe … Continue reading 8 real world gadgets perfect for modern espionage thrillers

Top 5 James Bond Action Sequences

For over 50 years James Bond movies have been renowned for their many unique elements, from exotic locations to cool gadgets, to over the top villains and crazy world-domination plots. Bond films have long been the benchmark for action films the world over. For me, the most enthralling elements of the Bond formula is the … Continue reading Top 5 James Bond Action Sequences

Movie Review: SPECTRE

With the release of SPECTRE as a downloadable movies, I thought I’d revisit the latest James Bond film with a review. Daniel Craig returns for his fourth outing as the world’s most popular spy. Arguably, Craig is also the world’s most popular actor ever to portray Secret British Agent 007 — he’s certainly made the … Continue reading Movie Review: SPECTRE

Five Great Spy Movies

In the lead up to the release of my first novel, I thought I’d revisit five great spy movies that have influenced my writing. Be warned, there are some spoilers to be found. Gorky Park (1983) One of the first spy thrillers I read as a teenager was Martin Cruz Smith’s Gorky Park. I was … Continue reading Five Great Spy Movies