Scott Pierce: The Trigger Man


November 1991: Mark Pierce is born in Arizona, United States as Travis Clay, to parents who are CIA operatives. During Scott’s childhood they travel the world operating in countries such as France, Mexico, Jordan, China and Russia and in each country Travis learns the local language.

February 2008: At the age of 16, Mark’s parents are murdered gunned down in the streets of Moscow. The killers are never identified. Mark blames himself because he let slip at school that his parent’s were CIA operatives and word got back to the FSB.

January 2009: Mark goes undercover in Moscow as Arkady Kamenev replacing the son of a CIA sleeper agent in Moscow, Pasha Kamenev with the Russian Government. The real Arkady immigrates to Canada under a new identity.

November 2009: Arkady turns eighteen and joins the Russian Ground Forces after being accepted into officer school. He assumes the CIA code name ROGUE NOMAD and passes on Russian secrets to Langley for the next ten years. He reaches the rank of Senior Lieutenant.

May 2013: Arkady Kamenev completes selection training for the SVR Zaslan Special Forces unit. For the next five years Arkady operates across the globe including Morocco and Eastern Europe providing further intelligence to the CIA on Russian intelligence and special operations. He reaches the rank of Captain.

November 2017: Arkady saves the lives of two Russian hackers who he has used as contacts for some time, Valeriya and Yefin and helps them escape the country, after it is revealed the hackers have stolen FSB and SVR secrets.

April 2018: Arkady fakes his own death and disappears from Russia while framing another SVR Zaslan agent as the mole ROGUE NOMAD, who is incarcerated in the Lubyanka Building in Moscow.

May 2018: Kamenev is debriefed for three months in a secret CIA facility in Montana and undergoes facial reconstruction surgery to change his appearance.

August 2018: Arkady Kamenev changes his name to Mark Pierce and joins the CIA SAD/SOG group as a paramilitary officer under the code name TRIGGER MAN.

September 2018: French armed dealer, Victor Vautrin, is killed in a U.S. airstrike in Afghanistan, but the media mistakenly report his children Hanna and Lucas are murdered instead. The siblings then take over their father’s business.

December 2018: Mackenzie Summerfield becomes Pierce’s new case officer.

January 2019: Mark Pierce, Mackenzie Summerfield and Michael Abraham on assignment in Greece have a failed operation against a Al Qaeda cell which results in Abraham’s death. Mackenzie returns to an analyst role while running the Trigger Man.

April 2019: Mark Pierce and Mackenzie Summerfield run multiple operations in Yemen.

May 2020: After completing operations in Yemen, the events of WEAPONIZED occur in India and Pakistan. Pierce is 28 years of age.

June 2020: In Pakistan, Mark tracks down FIA Director Fawad Jahandar and sends him into the Federate Tribal Regions as a CIA double agent.

July 2020: Mark Pierce and Mackenzie Summerfield transfer to Niger running multiple operations in West Africa, predominately in Mali.

May 2021: Events of THE TRIGGER MAN occur in Mali, Niger, Algeria and Morocco. Betrayed by his new CIA superior, Idris Walsh, Pierce goes on the run from the CIA. Pierce is 29 years of age.

June 2021: During the events of THE TRIGGER MAN: EPILOGUE, Pierce is captured by Australian Special Forces mercenaries Sergeant Alex Trager and Corporal Javor Terzic in Rabat, Morocco. Pierce is captured and held hostage in a black prison in Central African Republic.

July 2021: Incarcerated near a blood diamond mind in the Central African Republic, Pierce discovers Walsh survived his injuries in Morocco and his scheming to frame Pierce for crimes against America. Pierce is subsequently incarcerated and tortured for seven months.

January 2022: Events of COVERT RETRIBUTION commence in Kazakhstan. Pierce is 30 years of age and is released while framed for stealing nuclear materials.

March 2022: Events of CAGE OF TRAITORS commencing in Brazil and moving to Venezuela.


BACHIR AGHALI: Leader of a Tuareg Tribe operating in the mountainous regions of northeast Mali. Father of Tariq (TTM).

TARIQ AGHALI: Tuareg Warrior and salt traders, son of Bachir (TTM).

ISOLINE BISSET: French aid worker and sister to Jacqui murdered in the Sahara (TTM) (deceased).

JACQUI BISSET: French aid worker and sister to Isoline murdered in the Sahara (TTM) (deceased).

SERGEANT JEAN DENAULT: Former French Foreign Legionnaire, mercenary and gun smuggle killed in the Sahara while working for Hanna Vautrin (TTM) (deceased).

RYAN DOBSON: Chief Financial Officer of Polytope Diamonds (CR).

COLONEL DROSSANOV: Kazakh Army officer killed in Semey during an exchange of radioactive materials by Alex Trager (CR) (deceased).

CAPTAIN DANIEL ELOKO: Terrorist, modern-day sorcerer and leader of an Anti-Balaka paramilitary terrorist group operating in Central African Republic. Killed by random gunfire (CR).

DANNA ESTRADA: CIA Intelligence Officer killed in India (WPN) (deceased).

GADA: Professional Indian assassin killed by Pierce in the coal fields of West India (WPN) (deceased).

PIOUS IBAKA: Diamond mine supervisor killed by Eloko (CR) (deceased).

FAWAD JAHANDAR: Assistant Director of Pakistan’s FIAs Technical Wing. Defected to Al Qaeda as a CIA double agent (WPD).

ROSHNI JAHANDAR: Indian lawyer and wife to Farad Jahandar. Defected to America while pregnant (WPN).

DOCTOR DEREK KIAMBI: Medical professional and prisoner of the Anti-Balaka in Central African Republic. Husband of Liefway and father of Alzina, Edmee and Saforah (CR).

LIFEWAY KIAMBI: Wife of Derek Kiambi and mother of their three children (CR).

JALI KONE: Barbara insurgent brother to Oumar who was killed in the Sahara (TTM) (deceased).

OUMAR KONE: former Bambara insurgent and brother to Jali who lost both hands and is now training as an engineer in Tangiers (TTM).

JUSTUS KHAWUTA: Security guard and former Infantryman with the South African Army. Killed on diamond mining ship in the Atlantic Ocean (CR).

KURT KRIGE: Former South African Recce Sergeant, modern day mercenary and long time associate of Idris Walsh. Killed by Pierce on a diamond mining ship in the Atlantic Ocean (CR) (deceased).

REMY LEBLANC: Catholic priest and missionary murdered in the Sahara (TTM) (deceased).

DOCTOR MOLLY MCEWAN: British nuclear scientist and terrorist formerly of Hezbollah and later with Anti-Balaka. Killed by insurgents in the Central African Republic (CR) (deceased).

DAVID NOGOMBI: UN Aid Worker in Cameroon (CR).

ODEL NUMES: Angolan Minister of Natural Resources. Killed in helicopter crash in Atlantic Ocean (CR) (deceased).

JULIET PAQUET: DGSE operative murdered in France (TTM) (deceased).

MARK PIERCE: CIA Paramilitary officer code name THE TRIGGER MAN, formerly Arkady Kamenev a SVR Zaslan Special Forces double agent code name ROGUE NOMAD, originally Travis Clay. (WPN, TTM, TTME, CR).

CLEMENTINE PONSONBY: Heiress to the Polytope Diamonds company in London and sister to James Ponsonby (CR).

MARTIN PONSONBY: Chairman Polytope Diamonds and father to Rupert and Clementine. Murdered by James Ponsonby with poison in London (CR) (deceased).

RUPERT PONSONBY: Heir to the Polytope Diamond company in London with mines in Angola and Central African Republic. Killed by Rachel Zang on a mining ship off the coast of Angola (CR) (deceased).

VALERIYA RADANOVICH: Russian hacker, intelligence broker and former contact of Arkady Kamenev. Committed suicide in Baku (CR) (deceased).

YEBIN RADANOVICH: Russian hacker, intelligence broker and former contact of Arkady Kamenev. Committed suicide in Baku (CR). (deceased).

FARID AL REWANI: Azawagh insurgent killed in Sahara (TTM) (deceased).

KASHIF SHALGHAM: Former Libyian torturer and later Ansar Dine Regional Commander killed in the Sahara (TTM) (decased).

AWA SISSOKO: Bambara Theater nurse at Timbuktu Hospital (TTM).

AARON STONE: CIA Paramilitary Operator and former SEAL Lieutenant operating under the code name Night Viper. Killed by Pierce in Central African Republic (CR).

MACKENZIE SUMMERFIELD: CIA Analyst, Handler for TRIGGER MAN and former CIA Case Officer and geopolitical analyst (WPN, TTM, CR).

CORPORAL JAVOR TERZIC: Australian Special Air Services Regiment (SASR) Corporal and heroin smuggler. One of four mates that include Alex Trager, Adam and Liam. Killed in a shootout in Cape Town (TTME, CR) (deceased).

SERGEANT ALEX TRAGER: Australian Special Air Services Regiment (SASR) Sergeant and heroin smuggler. One of four mates that include Alex Trager, Adam and Liam. Killed by Zang in the jungles of the Central African Republic (TTME, CR) (deceased).

MAJOR GABRIEL TRAVERS: French Foreign Legionnaire and UN soldier killed in the Sahara (TTM) (deceased).

QUSAY VALI: FIA operative and Head of Operational Intelligence, killed in a slum in India (WPN) (deceased).

JAYA VARMA: British-Indian Surgeon and CIA asset in London (CR).

HANNA VAUTRIN: Daughter of Victor Vautrin and heir to the Vautrin arms trading empire, captured in Mali and currently held in a CIA black prison (TTM).

LUCAS VAUTRIN: Son of Victor Vautrin and half-brother to Hanna Vautrin, killed in the Sahara (TTM) (deceased).

VICTOR VAUTRIN: Founder of the Vautrin global arms trading empire murdered during a U.S. missile strike in Afghanistan (TTM) (deceased).

IDRIS WALSH: CIA Head of Special Operations North Africa (TTM, TTME, CR).

RACHEL ZANG: CIA Special Operations Officer and former U.S. Air Force Pilot (CR).