Depth Charge

Aiden L Bailey and Andrew Warren

A rogue Chinese submarine. A defector with a secret. A deadly cargo, heading for America’s shores…Thomas Caine returns in another Rapid Fire thriller.

The Hai Lang is one hundred and ten meters long, and glides silently beneath the waves at incredible speeds. It is the most lethal nuclear submarine in China’s naval arsenal. And only one woman knows how to find it…

CIA Paramilitary officer Thomas Caine is assigned to bring in a terrified Chinese defector who claims she can track the stealthy submarine’s movements. But he soon uncovers an unholy alliance between the commander of the deadly vessel and a sadistic organized crime cartel.

Caine and his allies must battle Chinese assassins, Columbian killers, and nature’s savage fury, as they struggle to crush an international criminal conspiracy. But when his enemies strike at the person he cares for most, the CIA’s deadliest killer takes on a new mission: Revenge.