Thrilling Locations: The Shatterhand Code Part 3—Conner Rafferty

This is the third in three articles covering the many locations featured in the Shatterhand Code series (Threat Intelligence, Strike Matrix and Foreign Hostage).

The third and final article covering the many locations in the Shatterhand Code detail the travels of Conner Rafferty, an Irish freelance journalist and war correspondent who has a nose for trouble and a compelling story. Conner’s adventures take him from South America to Europe, the Middle East and Australia.

Miraflores, Colombia (Threat Intelligence)

Conner’s story begins in the heart of the Amazon rainforest seeking the prominent leader of the Colombian rebel organisation FARC, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, in the tiny town of Miraflores. While logging is the primary industry of the town, coca paste dominates the local economy, used for the illegal production of cocaine.

Conner is soon a prisoner of the FARC. They will execute him for leading U.S. Ranger soldiers to their hideout and destroying their coca production factories. Conner’s rescue comes in a surprising form.

London, United Kingdom (Threat Intelligence)

London is the largest city and is the capital of the United Kingdom, world-renowned for its landmarks of Big Ben, the Tower of London and the Millennium Dome, and its incredible galleries, museums and theater houses, pubs and cosmopolitan nature.

In the United Kingdom, there is one CCTV camera for every 32 people. That’s 1.85 million cameras and many of them are in London. It’s not that difficult for the Shatterhand program to keep tabs on targets tapping into every single camera.

After Conner escapes his ordeal in the Amazon, he returns to his adopted home , only to find the Shatterhand mystery has followed him here.

Dublin, Ireland (Threat Intelligence)

Capital of Ireland with traces of a Viking past, Dublin is Conner’s birthplace. A vibrant city with a growing economy and a global hub of information technology companies Dublin is the perfect location for a series centered on ditigal technology.

Conner returns for both personal reasons and to delve further into Shatterhand mystery. He uncovers links between the National Security Agency and a CIA operation in the Middle East. Even in Ireland, Conner’s life is at risk.

Abu Dhabi (Strike Matrix)

A mixture of Islamic culture and a modern vibe that worships business and wealth, Abu Dhabi is a city that defies modern sensibilities. Built on a desert and plagued with crippling heat and sandstorms, it’s a global centre of business and new vacation travel destination. Abu Dhabi’s economy is estimated to be worth more than a quarter of a trillion dollars .

Conner arrives in the United Arab Emirates hoping to divert a nuclear disaster, but only if he can convince the local CIA officers he isn’t deluded.

Darwin, Australia (Strike Matrix)

Australia’s only tropical capital city is the gateway to the spectacular Top End wilderness of Australia. Darwin is a modern city with a rich Indigenous culture and a cosmopolitan mix of people representing over 50 nationalities.

Darwin is home to many of Australia’s largest oil and gas production facilities which has brought heavy industry investment to the region.

It is in Darwin where Conner, Simon, Casey and Peri team up for the endgame, to do battle not only to save their own lives, but to secure the very fate of humanity.

So that’s it for my Thrilling Location reports for The Shatterhand Code and Simon Ashcroft series. I hope you’ve enjoyed this whirlwind tour of the many locations visited across the three books.

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