Thrilling Locations: The Shatterhand Code Part 1—Peri Keser

This is the first in three articles covering the many locations featured in the Shatterhand Code series (Threat Intelligence, Strike Matrix and Foreign Hostage).

Here we explore the travels of Peri Keser, an American Secret Service agent on protective duty for the President of the United States. After Peri catches malaria in Afghanistan, terrorists murder the President and Peri makes it her mission to hunt down the perpetrators.
Peri travels the furthest of the characters, visiting five continents and the greatest number of cities.

Kabul, Afghanistan (Threat Intelligence)

Peri Keser is having a bad day inside the most secure base in Afghanistan, the U.S. controlled Bagram Air Field just outside the Afghan capital of Kabul. Foreign defense personnel statoined here have peaked at 30,000, supported by a vast array of military aircraft and ground vehicles. Despite U.S. withdrawals from Afghanistan over the last few years, the airfield remains sizable today.

Removed from U.S. President protective duty because of her malaria infection, Peri recovers in Bagram’s military hospital when she learns terrorists have shot Air Force One out of the sky.

Peri can’t imagine how this happened with Air Force One’s impressive array of electronic counter measures, and she soon investigates, despite her illness.

Berlin, Germany (Threat Intelligence)

Berlin is the capital and largest city in Germany. It played a pivitol role in Twentieth Century history, first as the power base of the Nazi regime during World War Two, and later as a focal point of the Cold War when the infamous wall divided the city.

Today Berlin is renowned for culture, politics, media and science, and is one of the great cities of Europe.

Peri arrives in Berlin hot on the trail of the U.S. President, who may or may not have been murdered in Afghanistan. If the President is dead, who is impersonating him at the Berlin NATO conference? If he’s alive, whose corpse did Peri witness in Afghanistan?

American Fork, United States (Threat Intelligence)

American Fork is a small town in the heart of Utah, best known in intelligence circles as the home of the Utah Data Centre, operated by the National Security Agency (NSA) with exabytes of information in its 5000 plus servers.

Code-named the Bumblehive, the Utah Data Centre reputedly stores the metadata of all global communications and internet traffic captured in real time.

Peri travels to the Utah Data Centre to learn who is the real force behind the Shatterhand Code, only to discover a more insidious cyber-conspiracy than she could have ever imagined, conducted right under her very feet.

New York, United States (Threat Intelligence)

New York is the most populous and most densely populated city in the United States, and one of the world’s most populous megacities. Many describe New York as cultural, financial and media capital of the world. It is also home to the United Nations headqarters. So well-known through its representation in popular culture, few people need an introduction to this city.

Despite the incredible appeal of such an amazing city, Peri only passes through New York. She is now on the trail of Simon Ashcroft and Casey Irvine to uncover their role in the Shatterhand Code threat.

Cape Town, South Africa (Threat Intelligence)

Cape Town on the southern tip of the African continent is the legislative capital of South Africa. It is renowned for its harbor and spectacular Table Mountain and Cape Point landmarks and is one of the most multicultural cities in the world.

The city has a dark side, with hundreds of murders each year in a country that already has one of the world’s highest murder rates, and is home to gang populations numbering in the hundreds of thousands.

Peri visits Cape Town to gather intelligence on the cyber-terrorists she is hunting, and encounters a man with a duplicitous agenda connected to Simon Ashcroft.

Djibouti (Strike Matrix)

Formerly a French Foreign Legion base, Camp Lemonnier is the U.S. Military’s largest base in Africa operated by the Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa. The base supports drone, special forces and other anti-terrorist missions inside Somalia, Yemen, Iraq, Syria and other insurgent hotspots across North Africa and the Middle East.

Peri is here to pull together a team of special forces soldiers and intelligence officers tasked with hunting down and neutralising the cyberterrorists behind the Shatterhand Code.

Camp Lemonnier also featured in my novel Sandfire, which I co-authored with Andrew Warren.

Mumbai, India (Strike Matrix)

Peri next travels to Mumbai on the hunt for Simon Ashcroft and Casey Irvine. What happens here I’ll cover in Part 2 – Simon and Casey.

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