Global Hotspots: The Shatterhand Code

With the imminent release of Strike Matrix , the epic conclusion to the Shatterhand Code series that started with Threat Intelligence, I thought I’d share an info-graphic highlighting the many cities and countries visited in this series.

Click on the image below for the interactive map detailing the various locations that Simon, Casey, Peri and Conner visit.

Once on the interactive map, click on each city to take you to the three Thrilling Location reports covering the journeys taken by our heroes. Then click on the covers to take you to each book page on Amazon.

Over the course of their adventures, the characters travel over 70,000 km by plane, train, car, foot and boat visiting 15 countries and six continents. That’s 43,000 miles — almost twice the circumference of the Earth.

If you want a thriller with non-stop exotic locations, this series is for you.

Strike Matrix launches globally on 12 November 2019 on Amazon in ebook, print and Kindle Unlimited formats.

Grab your pre-release copies of Threat Intelligence for US$0.99 and Strike Matrix at $US2.99 (or equivalent in other currencies) now!

Prices On SPECIAL UNTIL release.

Thrilling Locations Part 1 | Thrilling Locations Part 2 | Thrilling Locations Part 3

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