Caine: Rapid Fire Thrillers Boxset 1: Books 1-3

Cover-LD-CaineRapidFire-1-3Meet the CIA’s deadliest killer…

His name is Thomas Caine. He’s burned, betrayed, and off the grid. His background is classified. His past is a mystery. Until now…

With over a 100,000 Caine books sold, and hundreds of 5 star reviews, author Andrew Warren presents Caine: Rapid Fire books 1-3 in a single omnibus volume. Three action-packed thrillers. One killer low price. Just don’t start reading them before bed. You might not be able to stop…

Devil’s Due

Betrayed assassin Thomas Caine hides from his dark past in the seedy underworld of Pattaya, Thailand. But when human traffickers target the one person he swore to protect, it sets off a chain reaction that drags Caine out of the shadows.

Now, the vengeful assassin must wage a bloody one-man war against the Russian mafia, and an insane criminal warlord who believes he is the devil himself. Can Caine use his deadly skills to defeat these new enemies, and save a group of kidnapped girls before the clock runs out?

Cold Kill

Thomas Caine is being hunted. To protect a friend, the vengeful assassin has taken on a sinister branch of the Russian Mafia. Blood has been spilled, and these ruthless gangsters know better than anyone that revenge is a dish best served cold…

Caine soon finds himself captured in the frozen mountains of Siberia. With no equipment, no supplies, and no weapons, he must survive in this icy wasteland, as a crack team of Russian mercenaries hunts him down. Can Caine outwit this lethal pack, and prove himself the ultimate predator in a ghastly game of death?

Sandfire with Aiden L Bailey

A rogue operative is killed on an icy mountain. A shipment of medicine disappears from a UN cargo container. And a CIA cargo plane is shot down in the Empty Quarter desert. These seemingly unrelated events are all linked to a shadowy operation, known only as SANDFIRE… and if exposed, the fallout could engulf the Arabian Peninsula in war.

Caine travels to Yemen to locate the missing plane, and track down his friend’s killers. But his investigation reveals other secrets lost in the wreckage. Secrets powerful men will go to any lengths to keep buried in the endless sands…

Fans of Reacher, Rapp, and Bourne will love Thomas Caine. Grab these three Rapid Fire thrillers and meet the CIA’s deadliest killer today.


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