PocketDocs Running with Scissors: The Man with the AK-47 is my Friend

At the suggestion of a friend, I decided to enter the Australia Broadcasting Corporation’s (ABC) PocketDocs: Running with Scissors project. The objective was to write a 500 word story about a moment you did something reckless.

zambezi-elephant-zimbabweI decided to give it a go and entered a story about my first overseas travel as an adult, backpacking through Kenya and describing several of the risky situations I found myself in. ‘The Man with the AK-47 is my Friend’ got picked up and you can read it here.

Many of my experiences recounted in this story ended up in my espionage adventure novel The Benevolent Deception which is set for the most part in Kenya.

If you enjoy ‘The Man with the AK-47 is my Friend’, please like it and leave a comment.

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